Fifty pounds to put you points to Health Minister…

…no thank you.

I’m trusting that Edwin Poots is already aware of my feeling on the issue of his inaction over the blood ban in Northern Ireland trailing the rest of the Union over the issue of men who have sex with men, put not in the last 12 months. But it is not something I think myself, the Rainbow Project, the HIV Support Centre or anyone else would shell out £50 to have access to do so at the DUP conference

The fact that he and members of his party seem to refuse to meet with LGBT groups, despite numerous invites to meet them either at their own organisational locations or on the hill. The DUP were absent from the Pride on the Hill debate earlier this year, when shock, horror health issues, among others, were discussed with Sinn Féin, UUP, SDLP and Alliance party representatives. The DUP have continued their silence in not agreeing to requests to meet the Minister, who has been in place for six months now.

At certain party conferences there are public sessions it is something that I do get invites  to so I know such things exist.

The DUP are saying that:

“We charge an administration fee to cover the room hire and lunch provided for every event at the conference and this is no different.

“No-one attends conference free of charge and no one leaves disappointed with our programme.

“Conference is not open to members of the public – there is no question of members of the public being asked to pay to see any DUP Minister or MLA.

“Anyone wishing to see our ministers and members are able to do so in the constituency or at the assembly any day of the week.”

Well it appears to be easier for some than others if that is the case. I don’t think any organisation that isn’t already exhibiting at the conference will be putting questions to the Health Minister at £50 a shot.


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