Campaign for Marriage ad “too offensive” for WI

The Coalition for Marriage campaign may have been launched with the help of Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Cantebury, however their advert has failed to pass Women’s Institute muster.

Yes, even the WI find the ad by the group who want to keep marriage only between a man and a women too offensive for the Institute’s magazine WI Life.

“We are a national campaigning charity and your campaign doesn’t fit with any of our resolutions first and foremost.

“As WI Life is the national membership magazine, any promotion of your campaign could be seen as an endorsement . . . to members.

“We do also welcome all women to the WI and this campaign could offend many of our members.”

It’s good to have the WI looking out for the effect this may have on some of their members. Especially, when you have word’s like ‘grotesque distortion of a universal human right’ or ‘cultural vandalism‘ being branded about to describe equal marriage, comparisons to ‘slavery‘ or ‘dictatorship‘ being used to describe holding a public consultation on the issue. Those comments coming from the religious leaders who are meant to preach love.

The Coalition for Marriage clearly thought that the WI shouldn’t care for everyone that reads their publication, much as the Catholic Church in England and Wales didn’t when reading out its letter yesterday. Their response:

“It’s a surprising and unnecessary decision. Most ordinary members will see this as an over-reaction.”

Bizarrely the same comment could be put about most people to the coalitions reaction and language to the whole issue of extending equality to civil marriage to those couples of both hetero- and hom0sexual orientation.


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