Ice Cream for Equal Marriage

Ben and Jerry's Apple-y Ever After

Ben and Jerry’s the American Ice Cream manufacturers are not shy in making political points through their products. Indeed as many of their customers will continue to buy their products because of the high level of values both in quality of product and fair trade that they hold, as well as other issues.

Their latest point is the renaming of their Oh my! Apple Pie! flavour into Apple-y Ever After. Also on the carton will be a wedding cake decorated with rainbow ribbons and topped with two grooms or two brides. In conjunction with Stonewall they have after renaming Chubby Hubby as Hubby Hubby to celebrate the extension of equal marriage legislation in their home state of Vermont, changed a name as part of an equal marriage campaign.

The company were one of the first in the USA back in 1993 to broaden their health and employment benefits to recognise unmarried domestic partners regardless of sexual orientation. They even on their own website under their Our Values section included a page to explain why they have done this.


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  1. stephanievcourtney

    I think I’ll start buying Ben & Jerry’s…

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