Up to the Assembly to adopt equality for LGBT citizens

So the Northern Ireland attorney general has come to his decision on Gay Couples adopting in Northern Ireland, something that I wrote about earlier.

Mr John Larkin QC has ruled that the ban should remain in place until the Stormont Assembly decide otherwise.

So we are having to rely on the same body that refuses to lift the ban on Men who have had sex with other men from every donating blood, yet have imported units from the rest of the UK who have. The same Assembly that apparently is uniquely not giving ‘active consideration‘ to equal marriage. Indeed the only part of the UK to actually have had civil partnership regulations drawn up for it during a period when devolved power had been suspended*.

Hardly surprising that the LGBT community in Northern Ireland isn’t holding up much hope of said Assembly keeping up fully with their Section 75 requirements under the Northern Ireland Act. It seems that the community themselves are pushing for these things without much support from out side the LGBT Sector.

So yet another case of the LGBT community in Northern Ireland waiting for the Assembly to move in the same way as the rest of the UK.

* The long suspension of devolution from 14 October 2002 to 7 May 2007


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