When equality is only worth the paper it is written on?

One of the often heard excuses of why marriage equality is not needed is that sure lesbians and gays have civil partnerships. The most common rebuttal is that having something different while it currently has all the legal equalities is not secure as giving LGBT people something that is truly equal.

If you doubt that you only have to look at what happened in Queensland, Australia last week. A swing to the right in the recent state election has led to the downgrading of civil partnerships to a ‘registered relationship’ taking away the right to a official ceremony so that they look less like marriage. If people say that the only thing that is required for a civil partnership is the piece of paper at the end of the procedure they can really make something different just that, signing the piece of paper as one does to buy a house, open a joint account or any other legal transaction that two people can do together.

Imagine the outcry if opposite sex marriage were reduced to just the signing of the register. Bridal shops and hire companies would be up in arms, florists, cake decorators and hotel function managers would be deriding such a selfish decision. Manufacturers of paper hankies may benefit in the short term as brides to be sob at their dream day being taken away from them.

Of course if marriage equality were in place you could not downgrade one marriage without downgrading all marriage.

So while people say you have civil partnership you have equality, it is clear that it is only at the whim of the current political atmosphere. Something different that claims to be equal but isn’t exactly equal can just as easily be taken away again.

So if you ask me why I want marriage equality, think how you would like to be told that your marriage was to be downgraded because of some change in the law. Of course marriage equality doesn’t do that (another lie from those opposed). How can how someone else deals with their love and their marriage possibly affect yours?  But leaving equality only a legal abstract and not true equality leaves the possibility that laws can be changed at some point in the future, you only have to look at the way America goes about these things.

Let’s bring equality in marriage together in such a way that no man that tear it apart.


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