Leader of the Black Institution make a sham of being for all communities

Sovereign Grand Master of the Royal Black Institution Millar Farr

The Sovereign Grand Master of the Black Institution sent out a rather mixed message at the Scarva Sham fight earlier today.

On the BBC Newsline he was recorded saying that the commemorations of the Black, such as the Sham fight were family-friendly events that people from whatever community could enjoy without fear, before launching into the following about marriage equality in his speech to those gathered:

“We see evidence all around us of the way Christianity is being marginalised and those who dare to practice it are intimidated.”

“Secularism is being encouraged, and even championed by those who either seek popularity or want to erode the foundation on which civilisation is built.

“Such individuals have lost all sense of morality. Secularism has nothing of value to offer and if pursued will do untold damage to civilisation as we know it.

“If weddings are accepted in law and participants are refused a Church ceremony, how long will it be before that decision is tested in the European Court.

“If and when that occurs we all know what the ruling will be, the Church concerned will be in breach of the law and will undoubtedly be directed to comply with the request to carry out the ceremony.

“Marriage was ordained by God between one man and one woman only, and is for life. Any attack on this, or social engineering with it, is in defiance of Gods law.”

Now to lose all sense of morality is pretty steep. To do so secularists would be out murdering, stealing and whatever else they felt like with no qualms. Strangely secularists don’t carry out mass killing sprees on a daily basis. So therefore I think it can be safe to assume that they don’t lose ALL sense of morality.

Without secularism it is doubtful that women would have the vote, because according to God’s law “man is the head of the woman as Christ is the head of the Church”. So of course in such circumstances there is no need for the woman to have a vote of her own, her husband’s will suffice.

Without looking from the outside and we shall call it secularism there would be no idea of a shared future here in Northern Ireland, and certainly in the past Mr Farr’s predecessors would not have been calling the Institutions commemorations something that anyone from any community would be able to attend. So clearly some of that secularist “nonsense” has got into the Black’s way of thinking too.

Maybe at the Causeway visitors’ centre Mr Farr should be campaigning to get rid of reference to the geological and mythological explanations of how Northern Ireland’s greatest natural feature came about. After all, all that secularist nonsense detracts from the Creationist explanation that those Basalt columns were only put there 6,000 or so years ago, because thought they’d look good. Maybe he’d employed Slartibartfast to help get the shaping just right, but that isn’t important right now.

What is important is that Mr Farr has spoken out against equality on the same day they he spoke about upholding it.

Now it may also shock Mr Farr that there are Christians in this wee country of ours who don’t want to marginalise the LGBT community and indeed are supportive of them and their desire for marriage equality.  Indeed they will attending a rather different march next month showing that support.


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