If marriage is a perverse practice does Lord Maginnis want to protect straight couples as well?

The Conservative think tank The Policy Exchange have issued a paper called What’s in a name? Is there a case for equal marriage? It is a step that is to be praised it is an evidence based report that looks at the case for and against. But comes to the conclusion that it is a correct step. That faith groups that want to should be allowed to carry out marriages for same-sex couples and that those that don’t should not be forced to do something that they do not want to.

This evidence based reasoning is not enough for Lord Maginnis who has written to them saying:

“I spoke to someone last week – it may have been yourself – to express my disgust that a Tory think–tank would promote ‘same-sex’ marriage – which I now note they have re-titled ‘equal marriage’. At that time I was told that Dean Godson would contact me but he has failed to do so.

“Being a firm opponent of this perverse proposal – let the Government find its own way to cope with property and financial rights of people engaged in this way of life – I now find it necessary to campaign publicly against Policy Exchange, the wisdom of financing it by private sources and the dubious nature of its ‘independence’.

“I am not homophobic but totally oppose the ‘imposition’ of this practice on the institution of ‘marriage’ which derives its purpose and meaning from biblical sources. Please remove my name from your emailing directory.”

If Lord Maginnis would care to look the proposals are about equal marriage. Many of us include in that the preservation of marriage of people who undergo gender reassignment allowing them to stay married even as they change gender. It would appear that non-transphobic Lord Maginnis is prepared to advocate state sanctioned divorce by not allowing full marriage equality. It is only those in opposition who use words like same-sex marriage or equal marriage because they don’t want to see it as an equality issue.

The Policy Exchange are also allowing Lord Maginnis’s church if they so wish to not marry couples of the same-sex in their proposals. But if marriage to someone you love is a perverse practice as mentioned by Lord Maginnis maybe we should be doing something to help protect those poor straight couples who walk up the aisle or into registry offices every day to embark on it.

That is how crazy Lord Maginnis sounds. If two men or two women want to get married to each other til death parts them it is apparently a perverse practice.

The is also no imposition of the practice on anyone, so he clearly hasn’t read what The Policy Exchange came up with, not even the executive summary.

Reasoned debate on this issue is welcome, but when people don’t even have the decency to use reason and just throw out words without looking at the issues.

I hope that Lord Maginnis will have the decency to at least look at proposals and papers before criticising them sight unseen. That shows some element of getting to grips with the debate. Sadly I suspect I may hope in vain, because without looking at such things he is showing a homophobic attitude despite what words he wants the world to hear.


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