A little bit DUP Belfast Pride history

For the first time in the history of Belfast Pride Talks Back (an event were our political leaders answer questions on LGBT issues) an elected member of the DUP was on the panel.

That person was the DUP Lord Mayor Alderman Gavin Robinson. Here is him being interviewed by UTV after the event.

We’d like to congratulate the DUP on taking this important step on actually engaging with Belfast Pride. It was only last year that one of their MLA’s called anyone whop was involved with Pride repugnant. I trust that that does not not apply to his parties Lord Mayor who was merely engaging with others.

Engaging is only the first step, as Robinson said in his interview he was putting an alternative view in an atmosphere of tolerance, but there are things that the LGBT community feel there needs to be action on. There have been no steps to greater LGBT equality under devolution, civil partenerships only came in under direct rule from Westminster. Yet the other devolved powers in the UK have taken further steps as have Westminster but Northern Ireland is lagging behind in terms of equality in this one area far more than equality elsewhere.


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