New equalities minister has voted against equality

Lynne Featherstone who had introduced the equal marriage legislation into Westminster for England and Wales has been replaced by Maria Miller in her role as Equalities Minister within the Home Office. Miller has also picked up the Culture portfolio.

This is rather worrying for a number of reasons.

In May 2008 during the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill she voted for two amendments that treatment required a father and a mother and then a male role model. Both these votes were rejected allowing Lesbian couples to benefit for IVF treatment.

She also voted for the Nadine Dorries’ amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill in 2011 that would have meant women seeking an abortion being required to seek independent counselling from another organisation not linked to a termination provider.

It is somewhat scary that a women with such a narrow view on equality should be brought into this role at such a crucial stage for marriage equality. It appears to be a pandering to the right on this issue bringing in someone so socially conservative into this role just now.


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