DUP ask members is homosexuality wrong

Hat tip to Alan in Belfast over at Slugger O’Toole

The DUP at that conference  handed out a members survey, I’m not surprised by that I’m used to filling in ones for the Lib Dems at conferences all the time, plus there is the Lib Dem Voice monthly membership surveys on matters of policy.

However, one of the questions is interesting.

Page from DUP membership survey

It comes at the bottom of the middle box to the right hand side of this image (taken from the Slugger post).

The first three ‘issues’ are one that do affect all of Northern Ireland at the moment. The first is about the use of academic selection to deternine children’s place in secondary education. The next for the area of the UK with the only land border to the Eurozone is about adopting the Euro, the next is about legalising abortion.

But it is the last one that isn’t so much an issue that is being discussed in Northern Ireland today and is simply “homosexuality is wrong”.

Now the issue that is being discussed is not concerning the rightness nor wrongness of homosexuality but extending marriage equality to same-sex couples. Placing this in the same box as the other three raises questions about why this question is on this questionaire.

Are the DUP looking to see if their members give them enough support to turn the clock back 30 years to recriminalise homosexuality here? Also why are they asking a question about the rightness or wrongness of something that is protected in the Belfast Agreement as a minority community?

Later on in the personal details section there is a question about partnership status. You can check, single, married or living as married, but there is no option for civil partnership. So it would appear that the DUP are quite happy to have members living in sin living as married out of wedlock but aren’t prepared to recognise a nationally recognised contract of union in civil partnership.

At least that was my first thought, then I saw what they really meant.

The DUP are obviously allowing civil partnered members to check the married box, or living as married. So why then are then objecting to it so strongly any time it is debated?

So the DUP survey betrays their true heart. If you are a gay person who is not single you are either married or living as married. Oh the joy that finally the DUP have realised the truth. I look forward to the public statement to this effect when Stormont meets on Monday.



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4 responses to “DUP ask members is homosexuality wrong

  1. DUP have clarified that the researchers drafted the questions …

  2. Thanks Alan I have seen your Twitter conversation about that. As the trained statistician I am taking that further to the source.

  3. Abortion is wrong and increasingly unnecessary as the welfare state develops. There are plenty of LGBT who are pro life.

    • I’m intrigued how firstly something can be wrong yet increasingly unnecessary. Also how the welfare state makes abortion less necessary.

      There are also plenty of LGBT people who are pro a women’s right to choose, which in some cases is actually pro the life of the woman bearing the child.

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