Lucy Meadows

You may not have heard of Lucy Meadows were it not for the tragic news earlier this week, or maybe because of the sensationalism of Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail previously.

Lucy Meadows was a primary school teacher, who recently had starting to go the transition into the women she knew she was meant to be. Last term the headmaster issued a letter to parents advising them that the sixth year teacher they had known would be returning after the Christmas break as Miss Meadows.

However, the press, and in particular Mr Littlejohn, went on a trans-hunt which made the life of a simple school teacher so impossible that she took her own life. As this acticle in The Guardian says all she wanted “was to be me”. But the constant hounding of the media became too much for Lucy to bear.

It is hard enough for people to be themselves, but when their work colleagues, fiends and family are willing to accept them as they are. When, as is the case with Lucy, the whole town seems to have been willing to accept her for who she wanted to be it is a crying shame that the nation media decided to hound her to her untimely death.

There wasn’t really a story here, any more than there is when a gay man comes into contact with children be they his nephew or nieces, friends children or those that come across his place of work, yes even if that is a school.

You see Daily Mail those who are LGBT don’t want to convert or change everyone to be just like them, they just want everyone to accept them for who they are. So get over it and accept that there are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people in every walk of live. That is not news!

What is news is the number of times that press speculation, harassment or ridicule leads to someone, even if not directly involved in the stories, to take their own live. That is culpable manslaughter.



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2 responses to “Lucy Meadows

  1. Andrew McCreery

    Tragic as this is, why is it unacceptable for a journalist to produce articles on this personal story, yet you find it acceptable to implicate him in manslaughter without a trial.
    It seems you want others to practise restraint in publication, yet you are willing to throw liable and damaging accusations against others.

    • Alice

      Transphobia is, I believe, nowadays illegal in the UK and Europe, as is racism and sexism. That’s one reason why.
      And don’t mistake writers in the daily mail for journalists, have a look at the NUJ rules of conduct and then at the daily mail’s lying, distorted pages and compare.

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