DUP “closing doors” on LGBT community once again

On the same day that the DUP issue a statement that Sinn Féin of closing the door on Protestants in Derry, by using the Irish name for Londonderry, Doire as part of the branding for the Guildhall, they do exactly the same on LGBT people once more.

Yeah it is all well and good the DUP accusing others of closing the door on one section of Northern Irish society but when on the same day they throw in a petition of concern on the debate on equal marriage they do just that themselves. Why can’t the DUP allow a simple democratic vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly decide on this issue, or for that matter any LGBT issue? Each time one comes up you can be assured that the DUP will through down a petition of concern.

Now the mechanism was set in place to prevent one side of the historic divides nationalist or unionist for passing legislation that would adversely affect the other, needing a cross community approval. But the LGBT community and the people who would benefit from marriage equality are neither wholly nationalist nor unionist.

So while the Democratic Undemocratic Unionist Party rant about closing the doors on people, those in the LGBT community will once again be staring at a closed door on Monday, even if a majority of MLAs vote in favour the blocking petition from the DUP, if whipped will see them block the path of equality.


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