Statement in support of Paul Finlay-Dickson

When somebody is grieving and in the run up to the death of a partner they deserve respect and understanding. But for Paul Finlay-Dickson and his late partner Maurice that was not to be. They were receiving threats and intimidation for being who they are in North Belfast, even while Maurice was going through the last years of his life with cancer.

Intimidation is wrong in every context.

Yet, it has been used in Northern Ireland too often to remove what one section of society considers are undesirable from their midst. We live in a society where our largest political party seem to continue a rhetoric that people are allowed to have objections to people who are LGBT. The problem is that this language leads to people thinking it is alright to intimidate their neighbours whose sexuality or gender story is different to their own.

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We call on other parties in Northern Ireland to seek the same so that such intolerance and fear is not propagated through our communities. The language our politicians use at times stirs up some sections against members of our society and more care is needed to promote tolerance and not objection to people who are different.



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2 responses to “Statement in support of Paul Finlay-Dickson

  1. Paul Samuel Finlay-Dickson

    To whom this may concern .

    Thank you so much on behalf of my late husband Maurice & myself for speaking out in support against the homophobic death threats & attacks on our home and our lives whilst my beautiful chemo warrior was battling cancer and the attacks on our home since my Maurice lost the battle to cancer .

    Sincerest and heartfelt thanks.

    Kind regards
    Paul Samuel Finlay-Dickson

  2. Patrick Robertson

    I watched with horror and embarrassment Paul’s interview on the news last night. That a society can tolerate such brutal repression beggars believe. I can only offer my condolences on the sad death of your partner and my sincere support and the hope you finding some peace and dignity in your future.
    You do not stand alone, my wife, children and myself support you as do all the people who I have spoken to about these shameful events.
    As Spike Milligan says “Love Light and Peace” be yours.
    Take care.

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