The DUP hive response to next weeks #equalmarriage vote

We have been monitoring social media and we know that not all of those we have seen have asked the DUP the same question about the vote on equal marriage in a week’s time on 2nd November.

Indeed our our co-ordinator, Stephen Glenn, actually asked those of his MLAs who had concerns that they felt the need to sign a petition of concern to tell him about them. Stephen as many may be aware was actually working at bringing about marriage equality before such things as civil partnerships were invented by a Labour Government. He was heavily involved in the Scottish Liberal Democrats being the first part of the Federal Party passing policy on this (before the 2010 General Election), part of that was coming up with a very simple form of words to recognise that not all faith groups have the same view on equal marriage.

However, no matter how you have addressed your issue in support of equal marriage, to whichever DUP MLA(s) represent you it is clear that all questions, all emails, all letters are being responded to with this form of words.

Thank you for your e mail. I would however indicate that the position of the DUP has not changed on this issue, and we will be voting against the motion.

Yeah apparently every member of the DUP is able to speak for every single other member of the party on this issue.


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