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18 Key Recommendations from Policing Board LGB&T Thematic Review

Panel discussing the thematic review (L-R) Cara McCann LASI, Jennifer Clifford The Oyster Group, DCC Judith Gillespie PSNI, John O Doherty The Rainbow Project, Alyson Kilpatrick Human Rights advisor to Policing Board and Conall McDevitt MLA Picture by Arthur Allison

On Thursday the Northern Ireland Policing Board  launched their Thematic Review: Policing with and for LGB&T Individual (you can read the full review here and the summary here).

There are 18 key recommendations:

  1. PSNI should finalise its draft protocal
  2. PSNI should consider development of hate crime partnerships in each district (as per part of evaluation in rec. 9)
  3. PSNI should consider hate crime investigators in each district
  4. PSNI should include specific target for detection rate of homophobic and transphobic hate crime
  5. PSNI should circulate statement to all officers to accept without challenge victim or other person that crime was motivated by hate on one of the defined grounds
  6. PSNI should analyse the effectiveness of online reporting initiative alongside LGBT stakeholders checking effectiveness and seeking improvement
  7. PSNI should ensure all victims of homophobic and transphobic crime in Belfast Area given details of the LGB&T Advocacy Service
  8. PSNI should evaluate the implementation of the LGB&T Advocacy Service and report back in 6 months
  9. PSNI should evaluate Hate Incident Minority Liaison Officers (HIMLO) as currently undertaken by neighbourhood officers and report back in 6 months
  10. As per the above evaluation consider whether PSNI policy Police Response to Hate Incidents requires amendment
  11. PSNI should develop as part of its integrated training strand an LGB strand and Transgender strand for officers and staff
  12. The PSNI Training College should develop an LGB&T skills assessment of the organisation
  13. As part for HIMLO evaluation (rec. 9)  PSNI should review post-training analysis of equality and diversity training of officers who are to assume HIMLO duties
  14. When police response to Domestic Incidents is next reviewed, it should include a within it a review of issues faced by victims who are transgender and guidance on how officers should treat them
  15. When providing progress report on Equality, Diversity and Good Relations Strategy PSNI should include information on specific applications from LGB people and from Transgender people.
  16. PSNI should amend its Equal Opportunities Policy to explicitly reference that it does not discriminate against, or treat anyone less favourably on the grounds of ‘gender identity’
  17. On completion of Cultural Audit, provide copies to Policing Board’s Human Rights Advisor, and summary of findings to the LGB&T Independent Advisory Group and Policing Board’s LGB&T Reference Group
  18. PSNI should consider what steps it takes of may take to ensure that LGB&T officers and staff are supported and report the results within 6 months.

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