Time for Arlene to show she means it

Earlier this week the First Minister Arlene Foster was trying to convince us that the DUP were not homophobic, as someone who has experienced DUP homophobia first hand I can tell you this is a pretty big ask.

Well earlier this week Jim Allister of the DUP wrote in the Newsletter that a Pink News article was sexualising Prince George, reading the article it clearly wasn’t but was reporting some social media reaction to a picture of the young Prince, admittedly in some stereotypical 1970s ways.

Now for once Jim Allister is not the worse offender. Yesterday in a reaction Edwin Poots posted this tweet.

Edwin poots Prince George

Now Jim who clearly has read the article clearly knew that the online site didn’t make him and icon of sexuality and actually pointed out that being a gay icon is about far more than sexuality. Prince George’s father and Uncle are actually other gay icons for the way they have addressed LGBT issues.

However, Edwin Poots the former Health Minsiter who we have noted here didn’t use any known science to block blood donation takes it further. He makes the leap between my sexuality and paedophilia, he actually goes there and in the week his leader is saying her party are not homophobic. I’m sorry I have to call this what it is. If you like all people of a particular sexuality with paedophilia and sexuality is gay, that is HOMOPHOBIA. It you like being an icon for gay people with being sexualised by them, that is ignorant as we have a number of straight heroes and icons, many are even female. That too is HOMOPHOBIA.

Being gay is about a lot more than sex, we can’t do it 24/7/365 any more than straight people can, I think there is science out there that proves it. Just as it proves there is no direct correlation between pedophilia and homosexuality. Maybe Arlene Foster should suspend or sack Edwin Poots so he can spend some time reading up on some science that will show him what is and isn’t fact.


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